Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Problem of Superheroes

Eversince last week, I've already watched Marvel's The Avengers at least three times. It was just so amazing how well they put together the stories of all the heroes, namely: Thor, The Hulk, Captain America, The Black Widow, Iron Man, and Hawk-eye. I was like a little kid with my mouth hanging down thorughout the whole movie because it was just that AWESOME.

It made me wonder "How can superheroes be that friggin' perfect?!"

Til' I realised, they have their issues too...

1. The Hulk- Definately needs anger management

2. Superman- Does not know how to wear his underwear correctly.

3. Wonder Woman- She's gamophobic (afraid of marriage)

4. Captain America- Control freak.

5. Torch- A major hot head.
6. Batman- In desperate need of a hug.

7. Hawk Eye- Borderline personality.

8. Iron Man- Playboys have no heart.

9. Robin- Clingy to delusional men (Men that think they're bats)
10. Mr. Fantastic- He's too wrapped up in work.

Others characters that don't make my Top 10 list of Problematic Superheroes:
Thing (Fantastic 4)- Needs a thousand gallons of moisturizing lotion
Jean Grey (X-men)- Dual personality
Catwoman- Technically not a superhero, but still. She's delusional by thinking she's a cat.
Magneto (X-Men)- Dresses for attention.
Hawkman- Bad case of the bird flu.

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