Saturday, June 30, 2012

Effects of Alcohol

So a couple of days ago, it was my first time to actually try and drink after school with my friends and the feeling was just so different. I actually felt- old, then eventually it all felt "laggy" as my friend would say. So then we started to talk about what kind of character they end up being when they're drunk. These are a few of the kinds of drunks we were able to classify:

The Angry Drunk

Zombified/ Bloodshot Drunk

The Heartbroken Drunk
 The Sleepy Drunk

The "Never stop til you drop" Drunk

The Hyper Drunk

Make-out Drunk

The Emotional Drunk

In which category do you fit in?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wannabe Hipster


Skinny jeans is a must if you want to look like a hipster. It can actually be for both guya and girls, but then the guys are the o nes that usually wear the skinny jeans while girls opt for jeggings, leggings, or treggings- whatever basically ends with "ings". So in short- the tighter the better.

Guy hipsters can actually have different types of looks...

Look 1: Shaved/ Haven't reached puberty vibe

Look 2: Moustache with the Austin Powers chest hair

Look 3: Hasn't shaved a day in his life

FOR TOPS:  Ironic tees, cowboy tops, plaids, paisley, checkers, florals, deep v-necks, shirts with images of forests, animals, TV characters, vintage shows

Girl hipsters can also wear "mommy-jeans" a.k.a. high-waisted pants of shorts with any top. (It's in the hipster style to "not care" about what they wear so they "don't plan" what they're wearing.) Or you can wear a dress with some chucks, since nowadays chucks are pretty universal, you can wear them with a formal gown and no one would really care.

SHOES: Moccassins, Oxforda, Laced VANS, Keds, Chucks/Converse, Sandals, Flats, Cowboy boots


Hipsters like wearing ironic clothes and accessories. For example, over-sized glasses, shutter shades, nerdy glasses, or even Ray Ban Wayfarers (if you can afford them)
ACCESSORIES: They may vary, there's no limit to the kinds of accessories you would want to wear. Neon belts, printed socks, printed stockings, colorful friendship bracelets, techni-color nailpolish, hairbands with HUGE flowers on them, Indian-American head pieces, piercings, tattoos, iPOD.

REMEMBER: There is a difference between your right (normal) size and a hipster size. So if you want to get your hipster size, be sure that when you're trying to close your pants, you have a really hard time trying to close them- just to make sure they're extra extra extra tight. AND if you're planning on buying a hoodie, buy one that's body-fit.


Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, H&M, ASOS, CobraSnake

Monday, June 18, 2012

Manic Monday

Today, was the most "artsy fartys" day ever! IT WAS AWESOME!


Bring the following:
- Sketchpad
-Pencils (B4,B6)
-Eraser shield
-Found objects (rocks, cans, whatever stuff you have lying around)
-glue (LOTS of it)
-Skeleton homework that I made last week

blah blah blah...


I had a studio class today, and most of the time our teacher just keeps talking, and talking, and talking, about "there must be length, width, and diameter", "you must create a story!", "make it be melancholy or horrific!". He always seemed to be excited about everything he discussed about.

While my friends and I were..

This is my professor's artwork that we've accessorized.

Last week, we had a homework journal to draw 3 different kinds of fruits. Coincidentally, my friends and I all drew pears! HAHA.


Our project is to assemble a figure, so I decided to make a dog. 

One can, a knife holder, five buttons, and four PVC pipes later- Ponicelli was born!


My mom's favorite dog and is the only kind of dog that is allowed to enter our house.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wolverine Drawing

Part 1.

I drew this about a month ago, when I was in Reno. I decided to draw Wolverine, just because he's my favorite Marvel hero.

Part 2.

I recently found the notebook I drew Wolverine on, and decided that I wanted to give a shot at coloring him- and this is how it turned it afer using my Tria markers- SUPER LOVE THEM.

Coachella Attire


Why can't Coachella be all year long? A time where everyone can wear anything they want to without anyone else judging you. From cowboy boots to dainty dresses, all the way to studded shorts- it's the perfect time for people to express themselves through their clothing! Great clothes and great music, what could be better??? 


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Road Trip to Virginia City

They have free popcorn!


I just had to buy wax lips, much cheaper than collagen. HAHA