Monday, July 2, 2012

Outfit Shot 3 (Day of Music Video Shoot)


The story behind my outfit is that it's sort of supposed to be inspired by the theme of the music video "Not In Love" by Crystal Castles ft. Robert Smith. The reason for this is because my class is required to make a song based on our wika (a big part of our cultureand what we've learnt about it so far. After which, we'll have to shoot a music video/karaoke type of thing for it as our midterm project. So yeah... I'm the girl in the video- awkward.

After a 3-hour long English class, we decided to have an outfitshot to somewhat make our day more productive.

 And then my friend told me "move to the center of the hallway", so of course I did. At the beginning everything was fine, I was making the most of the space (as you can see in the fourth picture), I was getting the confidence to start "posing", then all of a sudden a blockmate passes by. I couldn't do anything else but try and hide the embarassment by saying "Hey girl!?" (in the fifth picture).

And when I finally stand up and attempt to act like a "normal", not hyper student, I get pounced on by my other friend Colette.


Introducing my phorographer, Cine!

She is my blockmate/ math-genius/ layout artist/ music video director/ video editor/ crazy good free hand drawing artist/ ass-kicker in P.E./ english einstein/ ho-ho... etc.

In short (as we'd say it in out little group): "totally QUILTS"

Thanks Cine!

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