Sunday, July 8, 2012

To Drink, or Not to Drink

This all started when my friend and I arrived too early for school, so then we decided to hang-out in Starbucks for a while.

During that time, I was trying to stop my habit of drinking coffee every morning; sort of like a way for me to lose weight. Now that I look back, why would I have gone to a coffee place if im trying to avoid coffee??? AND SO because of me going to Starbucks, this is what happened...

My friend tried to offer me some of her coffee, and right at that moment I could feel myself gravitating towards her drink...

But then I realized I shouldn't because I'm trying to lose weight and to avoid getting to dependent on coffee every morning.

Until she told me "A sip wouldn't hurt" of course, because I was already in such a fragile state...


I took a sip. Then all of a sudden-

I saw myself 5 times my normal size!

Sad child.
(In the background, I could literally hear my heart shattering)

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