Monday, June 18, 2012

Manic Monday

Today, was the most "artsy fartys" day ever! IT WAS AWESOME!


Bring the following:
- Sketchpad
-Pencils (B4,B6)
-Eraser shield
-Found objects (rocks, cans, whatever stuff you have lying around)
-glue (LOTS of it)
-Skeleton homework that I made last week

blah blah blah...


I had a studio class today, and most of the time our teacher just keeps talking, and talking, and talking, about "there must be length, width, and diameter", "you must create a story!", "make it be melancholy or horrific!". He always seemed to be excited about everything he discussed about.

While my friends and I were..

This is my professor's artwork that we've accessorized.

Last week, we had a homework journal to draw 3 different kinds of fruits. Coincidentally, my friends and I all drew pears! HAHA.


Our project is to assemble a figure, so I decided to make a dog. 

One can, a knife holder, five buttons, and four PVC pipes later- Ponicelli was born!


My mom's favorite dog and is the only kind of dog that is allowed to enter our house.

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