Friday, June 22, 2012

Wannabe Hipster


Skinny jeans is a must if you want to look like a hipster. It can actually be for both guya and girls, but then the guys are the o nes that usually wear the skinny jeans while girls opt for jeggings, leggings, or treggings- whatever basically ends with "ings". So in short- the tighter the better.

Guy hipsters can actually have different types of looks...

Look 1: Shaved/ Haven't reached puberty vibe

Look 2: Moustache with the Austin Powers chest hair

Look 3: Hasn't shaved a day in his life

FOR TOPS:  Ironic tees, cowboy tops, plaids, paisley, checkers, florals, deep v-necks, shirts with images of forests, animals, TV characters, vintage shows

Girl hipsters can also wear "mommy-jeans" a.k.a. high-waisted pants of shorts with any top. (It's in the hipster style to "not care" about what they wear so they "don't plan" what they're wearing.) Or you can wear a dress with some chucks, since nowadays chucks are pretty universal, you can wear them with a formal gown and no one would really care.

SHOES: Moccassins, Oxforda, Laced VANS, Keds, Chucks/Converse, Sandals, Flats, Cowboy boots


Hipsters like wearing ironic clothes and accessories. For example, over-sized glasses, shutter shades, nerdy glasses, or even Ray Ban Wayfarers (if you can afford them)
ACCESSORIES: They may vary, there's no limit to the kinds of accessories you would want to wear. Neon belts, printed socks, printed stockings, colorful friendship bracelets, techni-color nailpolish, hairbands with HUGE flowers on them, Indian-American head pieces, piercings, tattoos, iPOD.

REMEMBER: There is a difference between your right (normal) size and a hipster size. So if you want to get your hipster size, be sure that when you're trying to close your pants, you have a really hard time trying to close them- just to make sure they're extra extra extra tight. AND if you're planning on buying a hoodie, buy one that's body-fit.


Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, H&M, ASOS, CobraSnake

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