Monday, June 11, 2012

Turkey Trouble

This happened towards the end of our 2 week Florida trip, filled with amusement parks and shopping without any rest- at all.

We were in Disney World Magic Kingdom, and we just kept on walking around and waiting in hour long lines, my mom and sister completely forgot about lunch. So of course from walking around all day with no food in my stomach I got reallly tired and hungry.

I was so hungry that I barely even noticed that I was eating a HUGE turkey leg in front of A LOT of people during a Disney World parade!

Before I knew it, there were a lot of people staring at me with my greased up caveman looking Turkey leg. I guess what they did to take the "awkwardness" out was that they asked me where I bought it...

What can I say? This is what happens to a kid that's hungry.

PROOF: It takes skill to embarass yourself in public. HAHA!

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