Monday, June 11, 2012

SutrA Restaurant and Bar

HEY! So my family and I had lunch in Sutra (Where I had my graduation dinner) and this time I remembered to take a picture before ruining the presentation of the food. YAY.
For our appetizers we ordered Chorizos with Garlic and Mushrooms, Escargot Bourguignon, and Foie Gras Salad with Apple Fritters. Yeah, a lot for our appetizers- we were REALLY HUNGRY, what can i say?
It was the first time for my younger sister to try the Escargot, and we made her try it as a joke (in a way) and she ended up liking it A LOT. She liked it so much that she finished all of them and ordered 2 more orders of Escargot after that!
and then the main course……

I ordered Tenderloin Steak with Mashed Potatoes with Bearnaise sauce. What I super loved about this dish was that the steak was juicy and very tender while the potatoes were made so smooth and BUTTERY. YUMM!!!

For dessert:
Strawberry Tiramisu- This is a recipe that replaces the coffee flavor of the classic tiramisu with strawberries. It has a rich creamy flavor, with spongey light lady fingers on the side. Instead of the dark tones of the classic tiramisu, the strawberries add color to the dessert that makes it the perfect multi-layered treat for summer and spring.
Fudge Brownie- Rich chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream and fruits that are in season.
Ube Panna Cotta- The traditional flavor  of Panna Cotta infused with a bit of Filipino flavor- Ube jam. Ube is a Filipino favorite snack food that is made out of purple yam root that is grated, then mixed with condensed milk and butter.

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